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Diploma in Secondary Education

Course Rationale
     The design of this programme has been necessitated by the need to make the curriculum reflect and respond to the changes in the society, as emphasized in various educational fora in the University. Issues addressed in the designed curriculum include:

  1. Harmonization of the teacher education curriculum with the current revised secondary school curriculum.
  2. Making the curriculum manageable and evaluative by removing overloads and overlaps.
  3. Infusing and integrating contemporary issues in order to make the curriculum more responsive to the needs of the society.
  4. Incorporating industrial and technological development.

Why Study the Programme

  1. Consolidate and reinforce the student’s knowledge of secondary school.
  2. Use available teaching and learning resources efficiently and improvise for what is not available.
  3. Address contemporary and emerging issues in society including changing technology in the teaching.
  4. Demonstrate methodologically and systematically, their practical skills, and abilities in controlling, conducting, and administering various institutions as school heads.
  5. Build, and nurture students and members of the teaching staff professionally towards educational development of the people of Zambia.
  6. Equip learners with both theoretical and practical skills in the field of Education, Science and Technology.


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