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Established on 22nd January, 2001 Glory Academy kicked started as a primary school on a small residential plot in Lusaka Chilenje with only 6 pupils and two teachers. Commonly refered to as the main campus, this school has grown with a current student population of about 300 students.

Over the years, the school has continued to grow with the establishment of Glory Academy College of Education in 2015 and later Glory Academy College of Nursing in 2019. Both situated at the 6 hectares Chalala campus usually refered to as the new campus.

Diploma in Registered Nursing

There is a great need to prepare a nurse who will meet the challenges of the emerging diseases and the patient’s awareness of his/her human rights. The nurse will not only work in the hospital but in the community as well.

Diploma In Primary Teaching

The program gives you an insight into topics like educational psychology, classroom management, care and nutrition and educational administration in order to prepare yourself as effective educators. After completing the course, you can achieve the globally recognised certificate which will increase your employment opportunities.

Diploma in Secondary Teaching

The Diploma in Secondary Education is a three academic year programme including a teaching practice and prepares those students who intend to be teachers in secondary schools. The programme is designed to provide access to education and meet the increased demand for teachers nationally and regionally.

Clinical Medical Sciences General

The Diploma in Clinical Medical Sciences General for COG is an affiliated programme of the Levy Mwanawasa Medical University. The Diploma in Clinical Medical Sciences General is a clinical skills and community-based training programme aiming to producing graduates capable of providing basic essential medical care and management at primary health care level. The COG programme is a three-year programme with a focus on common health problems.

Diploma in Public Health

This programme is intended to contribute towards addressing the continuing gap between healthcare service delivery and health service demand against the background of the disease burden that is predominantly preventable. There are a number of health workers with various certificates in healthcare like mid-wives, nurses, health educators, health inspectors etc.

Counseling Psychology

Counselling & Guidance course helps aspirants separately at the adolescent stage, as well as planned guidance programme held by the guidance personnel. This may assist them to enhance and create their interests, skills, abilities, as well as overall personality and adjustments and take the decisions whenever needed.


  • We are fully registered with the General Nursing Council (GNC).
  • Our fees are affordable.
  • We provide dedicated student support whenever you need it.
  • We have Qualified and dedicated lecturers.
  • Our lecture rooms are spacious providing optimum learning environment.
  • We have a well-stocked library with both prescribed and recommended book
  • Modern computer room providing you with both online and offline learning material.
  • We have a beautiful swimming and sports field.
  • The school is conveniently located making sure that everything you need is close by.